So it goes…

Still editing the same rough draft. I’m halfway through the second round of edits! This seems to be a super slow process. At least for me!


A New Routine

It’s a new week and I’m trying a new routine. I plan to do my workout in the morning, nearly first thing, then have my breakfast, and finally, sitting down with a second cup of coffee and writing. It’s an experiment for this week, so I’ll see how it goes.

I can’t write very first thing in the morning, I’m not awake enough! I figure that exercising and eating will not only wake me up, but also give me peace of mind knowing that a major daily task (exercising) is behind me. Being in the proper headspace to begin writing is half the battle, at least for me.

Now, if I can just figure out how to keep my butt in chair longer, maybe this book would move along at something beyond a glacial pace!