Maxi Moo Moo

I call him Maxi Moo Moo. Don’t ask why. I don’t know. One day, not long after bring him home, that silly nickname just tumbled out of my mouth as if it were the most natural thing I’ve ever uttered.

Just so you know, Max is his actual name.

The nickname wasn’t thought out, as I said. I looked at his cute face and his funny ears, which either stick straight up or out to the side, depending on his mood or activity. In their natural state, his ears stand straight up.  Sometimes, like when when he wakes from sleeping, they go out to the side. It’s hysterical, but I digress. One day I looked at his cute face and his funny ears and the nickname was born. I don’t know where it came from and it makes no sense,  but I love the moniker all the same.

Sometimes, nicknames are silly but they do make sense. For instance, my oldest daughter’s name is Pamela, and at some point  when she was small, I bestowed upon her the nickname Pamcake. Obviously, it’s a combination of the first part of her name and the word ‘pancake.’ Yes, it’s silly, but it makes sense.

But Maxi Moo Moo? Maxi is just the letter ‘i’ added to his name. It makes a little sense but not really, not in my head. I think of maxi skirts when I hear the word ‘maxi.’ I love to wear maxi skirts so I guess that’s why I think of them. Moo Moo is the real head scratcher. Moo is the sound a cow makes. Max is a dog and in no way resembles a cow. And why is Moo Moo in there twice? Surely one ‘moo’ would have sufficed.

When I address Max by his nonsensical nickname, I use the full nickname. It’s always Maxi Moo Moo. Never Maxi Moo, Maxi, or Moo. It’s Maxi Moo Moo every time. Again, it feels the most natural that way.

I can only assume my dog’s nickname is the product of my crazy brain and plain old alliteration. Really, it doesn’t matter how Maxi Moo Moo came about or that it doesn’t make sense. It’s just a silly nickname I gave my beloved dog on the fly. I love it and it’s safe to say that after several months, it’s here to stay. To me, Max will forever be Maxi Moo Moo.

I just hope I don’t call him that in public, lest I sound like an idiot.




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