Do Better

I know I must do better. It’s so easy to say, but harder to execute. At least for me. I don’t really know why that is. In general, I’m not a lazy person. I have those moments, sure, but most of us do. I do know I get easily distracted. Whatever task is at hand, I always think of ten others that need my attention, and a lot of the time, one of those wins out.

So, this has been a huge problem for my writing as of late. This, and the fact that for the last half of 2016, I was battling health issues. Nothing life threatening, just inconvenient. Though I’m still dealing with the health issues, they are improving, so now I just need to figure out how to quiet my brain and put a focus back on my writing. I think for me, it will be baby steps until I get a handle on things.

My first step was to get back to this blog. It had been neglected, but it’s a good first step to take in starting up my writing routine. I aim to not only post writing samples, but other things writing related. Goals, submissions, journaling, writing gear, and yes, my struggles are all fair game. I feel better making a recommitment to my writing! That was the easy part, now I just need to nail the execution!


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