Why I’d Choose Captain America As My Valentine’s Date

If I could go on a Valentine’s Day date with a man of my choosing, it would be Captain America. I think why I would choose him is obvious, but I’ll try to explain.
First and foremost, he’s just a great looking man. Yes, lots of men are great looking. Captain America is, to me, ideal. Blue eyes, tall, and a body that begs to be admired. Simply put, Captain America is my type. Quite possibly, that is the truest statement I’ve ever uttered.
So that’s the physically shallow part of my explanation. But his stellar looks are not what Captain America is all about. Oh no. There’s something deeper going on there. For lack of a better word, Captain America is good. He’s a good patriot, a good friend, a good soldier, and all around good human being. He fights for what he believes in, even if that means taking on his own government and a few allies. Pardon the comic book reference. I’ll move on.
On the other side of that coin, I am the first to admit that I do get the appeal of a bad boy. The unpredictability and the danger of a bad boy are strong pulls indeed. However, like most women, I eventually think that I can be the one to “change” him. That never works. I know. I’ve tried. Been there, done that.
Why spend the time and energy to change a bad boy good? That time is better spent looking for a guy who is already good. They don’t come any better than Captain America.
In my mind, Captain America is the kind of man who would bring out the best in me. And when you break it down to its simplest form, isn’t that what we all look for in a mate? Someone who, while loving us for exactly who we are, also brings out our best qualities.
But in order to get to the point of bringing out each other’s best qualities, Captain America and I would have to go on that Valentine’s Day date first!


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