I want to be lazy today. It feels like a yoga pants and Netflix kind of day. But alas, there is much to do. The sad truth is that none of it will magically do itself. I drain the last sip of my coffee and decide on a plan of attack.

First, I’ll clean the bathrooms. It’s one of my least favorite tasks, so getting it over with right away will be motivating. Next, I will wet mop the kitchen floor. I accidentally dropped an egg on the floor while I was making breakfast and quickly got it up, so it needs a good mopping. The kitchen floor always needs a good mopping. Later, after I’ve had a shower, I will change the sheets on my bed. It’ll be heaven to slip into bed with crisp clean sheets tonight.

Heck, I’ll even throw in a load of laundry to boot. I may as well go all-in.

Three hours later, I was done with the housewife-ery . I sat down for just a moment to take a deep breath.

There will be other tasks to do tomorrow, and the day after that. It never ends. But I think I’m pretty good at this!

Feeling like the rock star wife and mom I am, I get up and head to the shower. If I hurry, I can squeeze in a little Netflix before I pick up the kids from school.


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