Beautiful/Not Beautiful


I hold the latest fashion magazine in my hands
For I do like to keep up with the newest trends
Flipping pages, I get the feeling nobody understands
To be a real woman whose beauty no longer transcends

The images I see are impossibly beautiful, I seem unfit
No way can I measure up, so I think I shouldn’t even try
They’ve set the bar so high, my self esteem takes a hit
Standards that no woman can live up to, they are too high

Yet, I do the same thing month after month without fail
A vicious cycle that I cannot find my way out of at all
Even though I now know better and what it will entail
This ritual makes me want to bang my head against the wall

Everywhere we turn, we’re being told what is ideal
Isn’t it time we find our own definitions and take a stand
It would be a start, and set us on the path to heal
All women should feel beautiful, in our own ways grand


2 thoughts on “Beautiful/Not Beautiful

  1. Joe Bunting says:

    I think many can relate to this experience, Cynthia. What stand are YOU going to take? (Perhaps one to unsubscribe from that magazine?)


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