Decisions (from my #Channillo journal series, The Cynthia Chronicles)


Sometimes when I’m feeling grateful for something, or when I’m seething with rage, I wonder about the decisions I’ve made in life.

Because here’s the thing—life is all about the decisions we make. We all make good decisions, and we all make horrible ones. We all make decisions after much careful thought, and we all make hasty ones.

A lot of the time, horrible and hasty decisions come back to bite us in the backside. But once in a while, there is a silver lining.


A couple of nights ago, I got a message from my best friend, Melyssa, who had just been to the movies:

*…and they showed a trailer for the new Point Break. It looks just as awful as we imagine…*

I message back right away:

*I’m boycotting the new Point Break. End of story.*

This is the kind of stupid thing we bond over. And I love her for it! No one else but her can understand my hatred of the remake of one of my favorite 90s movies. I mentioned it to my husband—he just didn’t get it. But Melyssa does.

For this, and a myriad of other reasons, I’m so glad I made a hasty decision fifteen years ago.


In late 2000, I was working at a non-profit organization. I loved my job and had been there for two years. But, there were rumors circulating around the office that the organization was in financial trouble. Word was that there may be trouble making payroll and employees may be let go or laid off.

I started to panic. Younger Me did that a lot. I updated my résumé and sent a few out. I really didn’t think much would happen, but I thought I would just see if I got any responses.

I did. I interviewed and got hired at a local women’s college. It was in the same area of town and they even offered me a bit of a raise. I took the job without giving it much thought.

This new job was where I met Melyssa. We became fast friends. A couple of months later (maybe not even that long) I was hating my new job. I started to regret my hasty decision. About that time, Melyssa took another job elsewhere. We decided to stay in touch.

My friendship with Melyssa is a constant reminder that good things can happen from bad decisions. My friendship with Melyssa is a silver lining.


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