Beach Vacation (excerpt from my #Channillo journal series, The Cynthia Chronicles)


I’m not what you would call outdoorsy. But the beach is my favorite place to be. It is where I get in touch with nature and with myself. I walk along the shore taking tons of photos. It’s almost like I’m trying to soak all the beauty and the details in, as if I’ll never see it again.

Being near the ocean relaxes me and recharges me at the same time. It reminds me that there is beauty in this world. I’m glad that my children are growing to appreciate the ocean too. They may or may not end up feeling the same way I do about the beach, but hopefully they will find a spot in nature that they do love. I want them to appreciate and respect the natural beauty around them.


“Mom, look at this huge shell!” My oldest daughter walks over to me and puts the shell in my hand. “It’s so pretty and white, and it’s not broken or jagged at all.”

“It’s beautiful! We’re definitely taking this one home.” I put the shell in the bucket with the other shells me and the girls have found so far.

We continue our walk along the beach, letting the water hit our feet. “I really love the beach, Mom,” says my oldest.

My little one says, “I love the ocean too!” I don’t say anything. I just smile as we keep walking.


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