Concert (from my #Channillo journal series, The Cynthia Chronicles)


“I’ve got the tickets, see?” I’m waving paper in my daughter’s face. She’s not amused. I’m doing it mostly to reassure myself. On the day of a concert, my biggest fear is that I will get to the venue and realize that I forgot the tickets at home.

“Okay. Can we go now?”


We get to the arena and a big sign informs me that it’s $20 to park. I hold back the expletives since my daughter is with me. That seems exorbitant. If that price included a hot guy to help you find your car at the end of the night, then it might be worth it.

We park the car and make our way inside the arena. Even though we’ve seen this particular artist in concert twice before, my daughter is so excited, I really think she might burst. She has a look of complete and utter happiness about her. Okay, the cost of parking was totally worth it…


I spent quality time with my daughter tonight. We couldn’t have any heart-to-talk talks at a concert, but we spent a couple of hours singing, dancing, and laughing together. We made memories tonight. And even though I was up past my bedtime and I know I’ll be tired tomorrow, it was totally worth it.


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