I’m not exactly sure how this started. The two of them came in the house fighting. Seems like that’s all they do lately. Believe me, from my primo spot on the living room mantel, I have the best seat in the house from which to witness their shenanigans.

I suppose it doesn’t really matter how it happened, as long as one of them fixes me. Wait…can I be fixed? I hope so, because this jagged shards thing just won’t work for me. I’m badly broken, but surely with some glue, they can just fit the pieces back together. Then we’ll all be good to go. Right?

Well, at least the house is silent now. Listening to all that yelling was unpleasant, not to mention loud. The name-calling was pretty funny though. Then they started throwing things at each other. First, Sophie threw her keys at Garrett. He threw his beer bottle at her. Buzzed right by her head too.

That’s when it got ugly. Sophie picked me up by the neck and hurled me at Garrett. He’s a quick one, that Garrett. Excellent reflexes. He ducked and I smashed against the wall. That really hurt! Sophie has one hell of an arm. Who knew?

So, here I am, scattered all over the floor. Why did this have to happen to me? For God’s sake, I was a wedding gift! One of the good ones too, I might add. I realize I’m purely decorative, but still. I’m pretty. At least I was.

Trust me, they got a lot of wedding gifts that were useless, boring, or just plain hideous. Why couldn’t that monstrosity they call a TV get broken? That thing is just obnoxious. Sophie could have thrown the remote right at the screen. If she wanted to really hurt Garrett, that’s exactly what she should’ve done.

Anyway, Garrett stormed out and if it’s like the other times, he won’t be back for a while. Sophie is holed up in the bedroom. I can hear her sobs from here. It’s sad when you think about it.

A husband who drinks too much. A wife who cries because of it. A marriage that is no longer working. A vase that is no longer whole. All once beautiful. All now broken.


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