Birthday Girl


The balloons were tied around the cubicles. The cake was in the break room. The card had been passed around and signed. The only thing missing was the birthday girl.

“Sara, have you heard from Lindsay?” Marc knew Sara and Lindsay had become close. If anyone knew what was up, it would be her.

“No, and I’ve been calling her phone all morning! So far, nothing,” said Sara with a worried look. She reached for her phone and tried Lindsay’s number again.


On the bed, beside her lifeless body and a scattering of pills, Lindsay’s phone was ringing once again.


One thought on “Birthday Girl

  1. I’ve ‘liked’ this but I’m not sure I do – at least, it gave me cold shivers. Powerful yes, and I respect your great writing, but I don’t think I like it…
    Regardless, keep it up, because even things we don’t like are worth plenty.


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