Alphabetical Advice


Always buy the shoes.
Be nice to people.
Close doors behind you.
Dip into your candy stash often.
Enjoy each day.
Free up some time in the day for yourself.
Go on a walk when the weather permits.
Have compassion for others.
Ideals are important, so have some!
Jump into the pool, always!
Kiss those you love.
Learn new things.
Meditate regularly.
Never go to bed angry.
Ooze sex appeal…in a tasteful way!
Practice patience.
Quality over quantity.
Read as much as you can!
Sleep at least 8 hours a night & with cozy covers!
Try to be awesome everyday.
Usher in each new day with a positive attitude.
Value your time, and other people’s too.
Watch what you say in front of your kids!
X-rated thoughts are okay!
Young-at-heart is a good way to be.
Zero in on what’s important in your life, and concentrate on those things.


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