Lost Keys


Uh-oh. This isn’t good. Sara’s day is going to go from bad to way worse when she realizes she’s lost us. If we could, we’d call after her and save her the hassle of being locked out of her house and car. But we can’t. All we can do is lay here until she reaches into that overloaded backpack and notices we’re not there.

We wonder how long that will take. It’s pretty cold out here. We may be metal but we don’t like being cold. That was one good thing about that enormous backpack. It was nice and toasty in there.

And don’t even get us started on this pavement. It is not comfortable at all. This can’t be our new home. It’s dirty and gross. We already have a nice home. It’s clean and it smells good and we have a lovely little hook by the front door to hang from when Sara isn’t using us. Out here in the open we have no protection from the elements. We can get rained on or someone could kick us across the street. Someone could step on us! We do not want the disgusting bottom of some random shoe to touch us. Ugh!

But here we are. Helpless and alone. Hopefully, barring any catastrophes, we will still be in this same spot when Sara comes looking for us. We know humans retrace their steps when they’ve lost something. So she will walk by, but wait…what if she doesn’t look down? Sara is a nice girl and all, but she’s definitely scatterbrained. She’s usually trying to do three things at once. And if she’s on that phone of hers, then we’re definitely doomed.

Well, as long as nobody picks us up, we have a chance that Sara will see us lying here. Why would someone pick a random set of keys off the ground? They wouldn’t, we don’t think. So, yes, we should be okay right here. We’ll just wait it out.

Wait a second. We hear familiar sounding footsteps. It’s Sara!

“Oh, thank goodness, I found them!”

All that worrying was for nothing. We’re going home! Until the next time she loses us.


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