Familiar Stranger


Tessa sat at a small table by the window. She had her tablet and her iced mocha in front of her, ready to finish her article. Her deadline was fast approaching and she wasn’t even halfway done.

After about an hour of working, Tessa took a stretch break. She stretched out her arms, rolled her neck, then looked out the window. Someone caught her eye.

The older gentleman was wearing overalls, which you don’t see a lot of in the big city. But when Tessa caught a glimpse of his face, she couldn’t believe it. His face looked a lot like hers. Could it be him?

In somewhat of a panic, Tessa darted out of the coffee shop after him. She had to get a better look. Just outside the door, her legs froze and she couldn’t move. She stood there, watching the strange figure moving further and further away.

Tessa realized it was a crazy notion. Maybe she should just give up. It was just a few seconds, but the man in the overalls looked like he could be her long-lost father. The man who abandoned her and her mother twenty six years ago.

Her falling tears began to mix with the raindrops on her face.


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